"I want to hit over 20+ goals by the end of the season"

Born in London and living in Liverpool since 2011, our next protagonist

in the section "Today we meet..." is Rosie Kinvig.

After playing for Fulham, Chelsea and Reading, the player moved to

Liverpool to go to University and it was at that point when she joined

 Liverpool Feds. Six years later, Kinvig describes Feds as "much more

than just a football club."

The player, who has made 19 appearances and has scored 12 goals

so far this season, expects to hit over 20 goals by the end of the


- What started your passion for football?

My enjoyment of football probably came from watching it with my Dad. 


- What does Liverpool Feds mean to you?

The Feds is like a family. I’ve been at the club now for over 6 years so it’s much more than just a football club to me. 


- What life lessons have you learnt from football?

The need for resilience when faced with challenges.


- You're a versatile player as you can play as a defender and a forward. What position do you enjoy the most? Why?

Probably as a forward as there’s an excitement to attacking and trying to score. But as long as I’m playing football I’m not too bothered.


- You have scored 12 goals this season so far. Would you set a target?

It depends on where I play. If I play as an attacker, ideally I want to hit over 20+ goals by the end of the year. 


- Who is your role model on and off the pitch?

I don’t have a specific role model but I appreciate anyone with a desire to work hard  and be ambitious. 


- How do you think you benefit from football?

 It’s a great stress release whilst being able to do something I enjoy.


- What's your ambition as a footballer and off the pitch?

Regardless of the situation, I want to be successful. It goes without saying that winning the league is our goal this season.  


- If you could play in another country, where would you play? Why?

Anywhere hot! 


- What's your view on the state of women's football nowadays?

It’s obviously getting a lot better. It’s nowhere near the Men’s game, but any improvement is a step in the right direction. 



Age: 25

Height: 5ft 2

Favourite pre-match meal: Banana

What is there always in your fridge?: Bacon

A place to live: St.Maarten

What music do you listen to?: Pop

Who likes showing off in the team?: Seagraves

What would you take to a desert?: Oil

A hobby: Going on holiday

What do you do for a living?: Sales

Facebook or Twitter?: Facebook

Best friend: Mum

A quality: Desire to win

A weakness: High Expectations

Do you do anything before coming on the pitch: No

A football team: Liverpool

Your favourite player: Gerrard

Someone that you speak very highly of: My family

A dream: Travel the world

Abby Pope: 'Feds is more than just a club"

Born in Wolverhampton and living in Liverpool since 2013, our next

protagonist in the section "Today we meet..." is Abby Pope.

After playing for Wolves, West Brom and Everton Reserves, defender

signed for Liverpool Feds three years ago whom Pope describes as

"more than just a club" and with whom she dreams of playing

"in the WSL."

The player, with 17 appearances and two goals to her name this

season, encourages her teammates to "keep working hard and

fighting together" as hard work will pay off at the end of the season.

At what point did you become a footballer? 

"I started playing football when I was 6 for a boys team. From an early age I used to be stood up against a sofa and a ball rolled at me, it started then and I have never looked back."

You joined Liverpool Feds in the 2014/15 season... Three years later, what does Feds mean to you?

"Feds is more than just a club and anyone that plays for us will tell you that. It’s a family, we’re all friends off the pitch and everyone has the same ambition to get this club as high as possible."

How much time do you dedicate to Liverpool Feds every week?

"We train Tuesdays, Wednesdays with an extra session I try to attend with one of our sponsors at X-Body on a Thursday. Then Sundays for matches."

How did you feel in last Sunday's game after recovering from injury?

"It was a tough couple of weeks watching but the girls were unbelievable in those games to pick up the two wins, two clean sheets and score a ridiculous number of goals. It was great to be back playing in such an important game for the club. Not the result we wanted but with such a long way to go in the season nothing is done yet and we won’t stop our fight."

You usually play as left-back... Is there any other position where you like playing or you feel you can stand out?

"I have always played further forward up until 3 seasons ago so I am comfortable playing left wing or as a wing back. I have played as a striker and central midfielder when younger but I think I am most effective from the left."

What have you learnt from football that you put into practice on a daily basis?

"One of the key things in football I have learnt is the resilience that is needed to keep working hard when things might not go exactly your way whether that be results or injuries. This is something which is also important in my day job as ultimately you will get what you deserve if you work hard in everything."

How do you deal with a bad day at the office?

"I’m not the best after a defeat, but I find it helpful to go back with the team after the game for some food and a drink. Then I just can’t wait to get back into training ready to put it right the following week."

Where do you see the team at the end of the season?

"The ultimate goal is to be top league and to win the County Cup. With the players and management that we have I think that’s very achievable."

What message would you send to your teammates?

"I’m privileged to be playing with this squad of players. Let's keep working hard, fighting together and we will get our rewards at the end of the season."


Age: 24

Height: 5ft 2 (1/2)

Favourite pre-match meal: Pasta

What is there always in your fridge?: Beer

A place to live: Las Vegas

What music do you listen to?: House

Who likes showing off in the team?: Rosie Havelin and Carina

What would you take to a desert?: Marley (my dog)

A hobby: Holidaying

What do you do for a living?: IT Salesperson

What did you spend your first salary on?: Pizza

Facebook or Twitter?: Twitter

Best friend: Mom

A quality: A bit nuts

A weakness: Temper

Do you do anything before coming on the pitch?: Play the tunes

A football team: Wolves

Your favourite player: Diego Jota

The perfect plan: Become rich and have loads of dogs

Someone that you speak very highly of: Nan & Grandad

A dream: WSL with Feds

Tomkins: 'Rather than hang up the boots I opted to put on the gloves'

Our second guest in the section called "Today we meet..." is the first team

goalkeeper Deanne Tomkins, an Oxonian born and bred who is currently living in

the city of Manchester.

Although she makes a living from her profession as an Energy Broker,

football is her greatest passion as you will find out throughout this

interview with Liverpool Feds website.

Tomkins, commonly known as 'Dee', took up football at the age of four

and since then has played for Stockport County, Bristol City, Reading and

Oxford, before signing for the Blues last season.

Coming to Liverpool Feds was "the right move," said the goalkeeper. "I felt they were one of the strongest teams in the division. Then, I also found out the team was formed by a great bunch of girls," she added.

Tomkins is now in charge of preventing her team's opponents from scoring goals, despite the fact that she has played much of her career as a forward. A serious injury while playing at Reading almost brought her career to an early end, however she decided not to throw in the towel and put on the gloves as alternative to keep playing every Sunday.

"I was previously a striker and unfortunately, due to 3 knee operations and an ACL reconstruction, my knee cannot take the extensive training of an outfield player. So rather than hang up the boots I opted to put on the gloves," Dee explained.

Asked for the situation her team is in, the goalkeeper believes Feds are on the right track despite having experienced setbacks early this season - and considers that the way the team get over difficult situations will make the difference at the end of the season.

"I think we are doing well, but we still have plenty of room for improvements as a club to get where we want to be. Obviously, we have dropped points twice, which is disappointing, but it is how we bounce back that will separate us from the rest," the goalkeeper told Liverpool Feds website.

Now putting the focus on her weekly preparation, the Oxonian explains that she keeps fit by working under the goalkeeper coach Ste Grimes, with whom she has a great relationship, and also going to the gym on rest days. "Ste is a great guy, he is young, committed and very easy to get on with," Tomkins said about Grimes.

Liverpool Feds have conceded 9 goals in all competitions this season so far and have kept six clean sheets (Chester-Le-Street, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Mossley Hill [3] and Leeds United). Dee is satisfied with this statistics but hopes to keep improving throughout the season in order to meet both her team and personal targets.

"I think I am doing okay. I would have liked a couple more clean sheets at this stage of the season, but will keep pushing on to achieve personal and team targets. My goal is to keep 15 clean sheets for the season, 6 down, 9 to go", revealed the goalkeeper.

Before ending the interview, Tomkins did not pass up the opportunity to send a message to her teammates: "After getting back to winning ways this week, it is a positive step forward and the reaction we needed from us all. This is how we need to continue from now on, by working hard for one another, keeping that positive mentality and taking each game as it comes. We need to remain focused on ourselves and the task ahead, then the results will follow."



-Age: 29

-Height: 5ft 6”

-Favourite food and drink: Roast Beef Dinner and anything alcoholic

-What is there always in the fridge? Chorizo

-A place to live: Australia

-What music do you like? I like a bit of everything but my favourite is Old Skool Garage and Dancehall

-Who likes showing off in the team? On the pitch Rosie Havelin and off the pitch defiantly Helen Griffiths.

-What would you take to a desert? Sunglasses, umbrella and beer

-A hobby? Football, music, travelling and partying

-What do you do for a living? Energy Broker

-What did you spend your first salary on? Football boots

-Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

-Person you like most: Obviously my other half Mary (I would be shot if I said otherwise)

-A quality? Getting a job done efficiently

-A weakness? My own worst enemy

-A football team? Tottenham

-Who is your favourite player/goalkeeper? Alan Shearer

-Someone that you speak very highly of? My old football captain Pee, because she taught me a lot on and off the pitch.

-A dream? Win the lottery, move abroad and start our own business




Togetherness, passion, determination, belief... They are the main ingredients for

Liverpool Feds to succeed in the 2017/18 season, according to the captain

Chantelle Thompson, our first guest in the new section called "Today we meet...".

The midfielder, commonly known as 'Channi', has devoted herself to the club

since her arrival in 2007. Her excellent behaviour both on and off the pitch

soon stood out from the crowd, leading her to being named Liverpool Feds

captain by Ste Appleton for the first time in 2014. Since then, Thompson has

proudly wore the white armband across the country.

"I think everybody knows how much I love this club", said the no. 5, who

explained that being captain "is not just about turning up and playing. I want

this club to go places. The girls are not just my teammates, they are my close

friends and I want to make then proud."

After finishing in second place in the Northern Division 1 table for the last

three years, 'Channi' has the impression that the club has taken a step

forward in order to get the first team promoted by appointing Fran Alonso

as First Team Manager and bringing in the former Everton Ladies striker Sasha Rowe.

"I personally believe that we have the right squad, coaching staff and the manager to do so. We have come close so many times, it comes down to the finer details and I know all the management are working to perfect them. The girls are relishing the challenge."

Asked about the summer signing Rowe, the captain admitted to be fascinated by "her work rate" and stated that "she is a great addition to the squad and hopefully she will score us a few goals this season."

The midfielder, who got herself on the scoresheet in the last weekend's away win against Barnsley FC Ladies, also commented on the importance of relying on the Development team to be successful: "Reserves are key to the first team. Fran has already stated that the door is open to anyone who works hard enough, so I hope the girls really knuckle down, aim to get into the first team squad and really keep us all on our toes."

Although the 2017/18 season has just started, Liverpool Feds seem to possess those ingredients needed to make Thompson's dream of getting her team promoted come true. So..., '1, 2, 3, FEDS'.




Favourite drink and food: Ribenia and Thai

What is there always in your fridge?: Mushrooms

A place to live: somewhere hot

What music do you like?: A lots of different genres!

Who likes showing off in the team?: Carina likes to try and show off megging people but it is really her who gets megged all the time.

What would you take to a desert?: Suncream get a nice tan!

A hobby: eating

What do you do for a living?: Civil servant

What did you spend your first salary on?: On a car

Facebook or Twitter?: Facebook

Best friend: Amy Seagraves

A quality: composure

A weakness: shooting

Do you do anything before coming on the pitch?: Eat Jaffas!

A football team: Manchester United

Your favourite player: Paul Scholes

A perfect plan: Sunny day at the park with friend, food and drink

Someone that you speak very highly of: My parents

A dream: get Feds promoted

Liverpool, UK

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